S190 Cable





Max. Frequency (GHz) 26.5
Vel. Of Propagation (%) 76
Rf Leakage at 18 GHz (dB) >-100
Max. Voltage (kV) 10
Capacitance (pF/ft.) 27
Cable OD (Inches) 0.205
Bend Radius (Inches) 1.1
Weight (Lb/100 ft.) 5
Center Conductor Type Solid
k1: 7.45
k2: 0.35

Cable Attenuation (dB/100ft.)=k1*sqrt.(f)+k2*f
Cable Assembly Loss (dB)= (k1*sqrt. (f) +k2*f)/1200)*l + Connector 1 Loss +Connector 2 Loss 

Connector Loss:

Connector Type Straight Right Angle
SMA .06*sqrt(f) .15*sqrt(f)
N .05*sqrt(f) .09*sqrt(f)
TNC .06*sqrt(f) .07*sqrt(f)
2.9mm .03*sqrt(f)  
f is in GHz and l is inches.

VSWR Specifications:

1.35:1 for assemblies with 2 straight connectors.
1.40:1 for assemblies with 1 straight and 1 right angle connector.
1.45:1 for assemblies with 2 right angle connectors.

Available Connectors:

SMA, N, TNC, 2.9mm, others on request.


Max.  Avg. Power at sea level and 20 degrees C. VSWR 1:1