ENS Microwave, LLC offers a wide range of Precision Microwave Cable Assemblies operating from DC to 50 GHz. Our variety of cable and connector combinations allows us to meet our customers needs in all areas. In addition to the cable types listed below, we can utilize almost any cable commercially available.

ENS Microwave's Standard Cable Types:

SL290 S190 S160
S120 T402 T405

Environmental Specifications:

ENS's cable assemblies operate over the -65 deg C to +135 deg C. temperatire range.  They also meet standard Military Specifications for thermal shock, vibration, shock, humidity, and salt spray.  Per customer request, we can produce assemblies that will operate to 200 deg C.

Assembly Options:
N - Neoprene Jacket for Weatherization.
A - Stainless Steel armor for crush resistance.
AN - Stainless Steel armor plus Neoprene jacket.