UFF-141 is a replacement for standard .141 semi-rigid and .141 solder dipped cables.  ENS developed a technique to solder the connectors to the cable that eliminates the solder build-up at the rear of the connector, thus allowing tighter bends directly behind the connector. This technique also eliminates solder on the connector mating interfaces.  A patented SMA shell only connector (US Patent 9,543,716) eliminates dielectric protrusion thru the connector interface when the cable is bent.

Electrical Properties

Operating Frequency: 18 GHz
Velocity of Propagation: 70%
Shielding to 18 GHz 100 dB Min
Impedance: 50 ohms
Max. VSWR: 1.3 to 26.5 GHz
Insertion Loss: See equation
Cable attenuation at 18GHz: .60 dB/ft.

Physical Properties

Max operating Temp: -55/+135 Deg. C
Max storage Temp: -65/+135 Deg. C
Min Bend radius >90 deg: .2 inch
Min Bend radius <90 deg: 1/8 inch

Cable Construction:
Dielectric: Solid PTFE
First Shield: Silver Plated Copper  Foil
Second Shield: Tin Plated Copper Braid

SMA Connectors:
Body: Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Coupling Nut: Passivated Stainless Steel

Assy. Insertion Loss: L*[.009*sqrt(f)+.00066*f]+.004*f

L in inches, f in GHz

Max Power at sea level and 20 degrees C. VSWR 1:1