How to Order

Orders/Quotes may be sent to ENS the following ways:

1) Phone: 203-794-7940 - speak to one of our sales representatives.

2) Fax: 203-794-7941

-or - 

3) E-mail: - fax or e-mail your requirements and we will find a cable to suit your needs.

If you already know what cable you require, ENS uses a descriptive Part Numbering System as shown below.

Cable Type-Length in Inches-Conn 1-Conn 2-Options.

Connector designators:  XYZ

X = M (male), F (female)
Y = S (SMA), N (Type-N), T (TNC), K (2.9mm), 2 (2.4mm)
Z = S (straight), R (Right Angle), B (Bulkhead), 4 (4 hole panel)

Example: MSR = Male, SMA, Right Angle connector
M2S = Male, 2.4mm, Straight connector

Example of a full part number: S190-120-MSS-MNR
(S190 cable, 120 inches, Male SMA Straight Conn, Male Type-N Right Angle Conn.)